Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can be one of the most significant personal financial challenges you may face. At Sunstone, we address the concerns and complexities surrounding retirement planning.

Retirement Savings

The good news is that Americans are, on average, living longer lives. However, the challenge accompanying this positive development is that those who outlive their initial expectations may discover that their retirement savings are insufficient for their extended lifespan. As you transition from a steady income to relying on your investments and other income solutions, having a flexible plan becomes crucial.

Before consulting with us, many of our clients have postponed their planned retirement dates due to concerns about the adequacy of their retirement plan to provide for their future. At Sunstone, we collaborate with you to prevent income shortfalls, facilitate purposeful planning, and assess your risk profile to make adjustments as needed.

At Sunstone, our commitment to our clients involves assessing all potential risks and formulating a robust plan. We believe that clients should feel secure and confident in your retirement strategy.

Considerations We Review

Just some of the considerations we review with you are:

Establishing concrete goals for your retirement, especially during its initial stages, is crucial for creating a tailored plan that suits your needs.

How can you prioritize and integrate these specific goals into your retirement plan to achieve your desired lifestyle?

Accurately calculating the income required to sustain your current lifestyle is vital in devising strategies to generate that income while preserving your funds and ensuring their longevity. What methods can you employ to balance maintaining your lifestyle with optimizing your financial resources?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of potential risks is essential for making informed decisions about asset protection and safeguarding your retirement savings.

How can you stay informed about these risks and develop a proactive approach to protect your assets?

Evaluating whether you’re paying more taxes than necessary and optimizing your retirement accounts with the most effective tax strategies can significantly improve your financial well-being.

How can you assess your current tax situation and identify opportunities to implement tax-efficient strategies in your retirement plan?

Considerations We Review

Many clients have specific goals for their retirement, especially at the beginning of retirement. How can we implement these into your unique plan?

There are income amounts needed to maintain a client’s current lifestyle. How can you achieve this, with the most longevity and preservation of funds?

At Sunstone, we believe in fully educating you about your foreseeable risks. Simply put, how can you protect your assets if you are unaware of every risk?

We find that many clients are paying more in taxes than need be. Are your retirement accounts implementing your best tax strategies?

Sunstone’s systematic approach creates each plan as it should be as unique as the client it represents.