About Us

Preparing for life’s uncertainties is a crucial aspect of any financial plan. At Sunstone Financial Group, we offer risk management services to our clients by utilizing a combination of insurance products, ensuring protection against unforeseen challenges. Our expertise lies in retirement planning and asset preservation, with a focus on providing holistic financial planning that encompasses all aspects of our clients’ financial lives. Our advisory services cover retirement, investments, and insurance, specializing in retirement planning, asset preservation, and long-term care.

We specialize in Retirement Planning, Asset Preservation, and Extended Care Planning.

Sunstone Financial Group was founded by Cristian Nicolescu with a vision to prioritize our clients’ best interests over product sales. We create strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs, considering their entire financial plan, and fostering long-term relationships. Our team of advisors is characterized by their hard work, diligence, and attention to detail, driven by a fundamental desire to utilize all resources at their disposal to help clients thrive.

Sunstone Financial Group has achieved the prestigious Certified Financial Fiduciary® Certification, recognized by FINRA as the standard of excellence in fiduciary advice. This certification represents the highest level of regulatory standards in the financial advisory industry and necessitates extensive training.

Adhering to the fiduciary duty standard, Sunstone is committed to conducting rigorous due diligence and feasibility assessments, ensuring that every decision is not only well-managed but also suitable for each client.Our focus remains on serving each of our client’s best interests and providing them with a secure financial future.

Our Team

Cristian Nicolescu

Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Rica Nicolescu

Investment Adviser Representative
Financial Fiduciary

Rene Ocasio 

Licensed Advisor
Registered Social Security Analyst®

Heidi M. Laureano

Licensed Advisor

Tom Szczombrowski

Licensed Advisor

Jessica DeGray

Office Manager

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